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Pomton now available at Okay. Olé!

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Hello Flanders 👋

You can find Pomton in every Okay store from now on. Because of this partnership, our Low Calorie Refreshers are easier to get than ever before!

And are we happy with this partnership because the Okay stores are always located at A-locations and stand for convenience, accessibility and focus on convenience which perfectly matches the on-the-go vision for our handy cans.

What is even better? Besides our thirst quenchers, in Okay stores you can find all the items on your shopping list including lots of quality fresh produce. So you can take a ready-to-drink Pomton with you as part of your daily shopping routine. Convenient, right?

This collaboration is definitely a milestone for us. That’s why we’re already pulling open a few fresh cans of Pomton and sounding off on a delicious future.

To help you with that, a temporary (May 5 to May 16, 2023) launch offer is currently running in all Okay stores, with the purchase of a Pomton 6-pack. So no reason not to make your fridge suddenly summer-ready with a few ice-cold cans of Pomton.


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