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Refreshment on “De Tafel van 4”

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We are pleased to announce that as of today we are partnering with the talk show “De Tafel van 4”. By linking Pomton® to this popular program, we can introduce loyal viewers to our low calorie refreshers.

Our collaboration with “De Tafel van 4” includes an advertising campaign as well as an integration on the table. The campaign will be promoted with a billboard before, during and after the show. As an additional part of the campaign, guests of the show are offered our original refresher to bring refreshment during their (sometimes spicy) conversations.

We believe this collaboration is the perfect match, as we are both focused on innovation and wanting to push boundaries.Where at Pomton® we focus on reinventing and innovating well-known soft drink traditions, “De Tafel van 4” is known for its innovative and novel approach to current issues

The partnership provides the perfect opportunity to introduce Pomton® to a wider audience and together with “De Tafel van 4” provide a refreshing look at current events !


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