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New Year 🫶 New Team

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Hi Hi!

We are super excited (but we think you figured that out by now ;)) about our newest thirst quencher – the Watermelon Fresca! But that’s not the only novelty. We would also like to introduce you to our new faces. Because just like our low calorie refreshers, we are a blend. This time of different personalities and characters who contribute to the Pomton story every day with passion and gusto.

We start with our two brand ambassadors, Sarah and Glen.
These two toppers are our happy faces who represent Pomton every day.

Sarah likes to hit a ball on padel court after which she can be found at the bar with a ….. fresh Pomton. In her spare time, she enjoys hanging out at trendy lunch spots. So as the person in charge of the on-the-go catering channel, she has somewhat made her hobby her job.

Glen loves cycling and plays theatricals in his spare time. but trust us, in his role as brand ambassador in the retail channel, he does not play theatricals. There he enthusiastically shares his real passion for our thirst quenchers.

In addition to Glen and Sarah, there are three other ‘Pomtonners’ who pull the can-cart every day. Vincent is responsible for the operational flow within Pomton and makes sure everything runs nice and fresh. When he is not drinking Pomton you can often find him out in nature exploring the most beautiful trail routes. His favorite Low Calorie Refresher to reset after exertion? the Watermelon Fresca!

And last but not least our two founders: Nathan and Kim. As all time lovers of the mix of grapefruit juice and tonic in one glass, they noticed that their favorite thirst quencher was made in too many different ways. And that’s exactly why they founded Pomton in 2020. They decided to create their own low calorie refresher that was consistent in smell, color, taste AND price. The result? The original Pomton. Based on the rich Pomton & tonic tradition but this time nice and simple in a can, low in calories and always ready-to-drink.

Kim and Nathan are the powerful engine behind Pomton. With their infallible nose for trends, they ensure that we continue to innovate in this vibrant industry. Together they have found the perfect blend between experience and youthful energy, creativity and structured execution.

Pomton is an adventure, we know. But one we can’t wait to explore with this team!


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