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18th of June. No better day to introduce you to Kim, because yes: it’s his birthday today! 

Kim is Pomton’s co-founder, the one that, together with Nathan, had the inspiration of turning the well-known

tradition of mixing grapefruit and tonic into an innovative softdrink brand. 
Great idea? Yes, we agree, but if you’d ask Kim he will most certainly answer you that innovation is only 1% of inspiration and 99% of transpiration. 

Kim gets things done and has a proven track record in FMCG, hospitality and above-the-line marketing. Although he’s the eldest in our team, most experienced we call it when he’s around, Kim truly ads this start-up spirit and energy to our team, mainly taking care of all things ‘brand(ing)’. Other than that this results-oriented pragmatist is totally into everything refined; whether it tastes or looks good. Kim loves his job, but his wife and 3 children even more.

Kim is a trained foodie, a less-trained, but great added value for Pomton’s Padel Team and our daily proof that a good laugh recharges your battery. 

Happy one, buddy!

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