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Is that my BFF on that billboard!?

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Yup, there’s our can bringing some color to the cityscape.

Pomton will be available at Okay, Aveve and Prik & Tik starting this month.

And to celebrate, we decided to get our babies (yes, we’re talking about our beautiful cans here) into the streetscape with an abribus campaign.

We’ve long been big fans of outdoor advertising and so we’re also very excited to be able to use JCDecaux’s premium network to get our colorful message across to all those (potential) consumers.

And yes, it’s true: timing is everything, because while we put a little bit of summer in every can of Pomton anyway, our first billboards just appeared on the streets on that long-awaited first sunny day of spring.

Tag us in a photo if you see us in the wild 📸


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