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Hello Jumbo! ๐ŸŽ‰

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Pomton is officially hitting the shelves at every Jumbo supermarket across Belgium!

Thanks to our collaboration with Jumbo, you can now find both our original grapefruit & tonic as the limited watermelon fresca in all their stores.  What’s especially awesome about teaming up with Jumbo is that they’ve become a household name in Belgium since launching in 2019. With over 30 stores conveniently located across the country, Jumbo makes it easier than ever for Pomton lovers to get their hands on our delicious drinks.

But why is partnering with Jumbo such a big deal for us? Well, it’s not just about reaching more people โ€“ although that’s definitely part of it. Jumbo is all about quality and customer satisfaction, just like us at Pomton. They’re committed to offering top-notch products and excellent service, which aligns perfectly with our mission to create thirst quenchers that stand out in taste and quality (and low in calories). 

Plus, teaming up with Jumbo helps us achieve our larger goal of spreading joy and refreshment far and wide (yess, our goal is wooorldwide ;)). By making Pomton available at Jumbo supermarkets, we’re not only giving our loyal fans easier access to their favorite drinks but also introducing our brand to new people who are eager to try something different.

To celebrate this awesome new partnership, we’ll be running some cool promotions and activations at various Jumbo supermarkets. Keep an eye out for special offers, tastings, and other surprises as we kick off this exciting journey with Jumbo.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Pomton fan or just curious to try something new, swing by your nearest Jumbo supermarket and grab yourself a six-pack or two of Pomton. 

Trust us, your taste buds will thank you!

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