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Discover the Power of the On-Trade channel with Pomton!🌟

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Shaping our brand and building customer loyalty

At Pomton, we believe in the immense value of the on-trade channel in shaping our brand and building customer loyalty. It’s where our journey began, and it continues to be a vital part of our success story.

The on-trade channel allows us to create the preferred brand experience, connecting with the “right” outlets and consumer segments. It’s a place where we can craft our unique positioning, build awareness, and foster lasting loyalty. Plus, with 36% of global consumers regularly trying new drinks in this channel, we believe it’s the perfect opportunity to introduce our new low calorie refreshers to the world (think Watermelon Fresca 😉)!

We continuously gain invaluable insights from on-trade data, helping us evaluate our brand health, understand other brands, and spot emerging trends. This knowledge fuels our growth and drives our innovation. Moreover, the on-trade channel is a platform which allows us to test pricing strategies and optimizing our promotions to maximize sales.

However, It was crucial for us to recognize that the on-trade channel is no longer the sole driver of Pomton’s brand development, but rather a crucial piece of the puzzle that contributes to our overall growth journey.

To translate a consumer’s initial interaction with our brand in the on-trade channel to off- premise demand, we are daily reinforcing the brand experience through various touchpoints. This includes TV spots, social media ads, print media (OOH), events, merchandising, and sponsorships.

By coordinating these touchpoints, we want to create a cumulative effect that not only enhances brand recognition but also ignites a desire that captivates our fans and encourages them to choose Pomton, even beyond the on-trade (grocery stores etc.)

All good, but where can you find us?

At Pomton, we deeply value on-trade outlets where generations come together to enjoy a quality reset moment. Whether it’s sports clubs, summer bars, quality fast casual food establishments, or niche businesses like the best ice cream parlors, we hand-pick these amazing spots where people can reset, and enjoy the refreshment of our low calorie refreshers.

But above all, we are convinced that Pomton is the ideal ready-to-go drink for those hospitality impulse moments. Think of delightful locations like high-quality takeaway outlets where our convenient ice-cold cans can work their magic; providing a refreshing reset moment for generations to enjoy. No fuss, just cool and vibrant fridges filled with the best vibes!

Do you know any cool outlets where Pomton would fit right in? Share your suggestions with us in the comments below! Let’s continue our journey together and bring the refreshing goodness of Pomton to even more amazing locations.

Cheers! 🍹

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