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Kim, the co-founder of Pomton. Apart from being a key player in Pomton, Kim is a proud father of three and dominates Padel within our team. 💪

Along with his love for mixing grapefruit juice and tonic in a single glass, Kim noticed the various ways people prepared his favorite thirst-quencher. This realization sparked the birth of Pomton in 2020. Kim, and Nathan (co-founder) were determined to create a low-calorie refresher that captured the consistent taste, color, and packaging they sought. They took charge and created our original Pomton, a ready-to-drink refresher that pays homage to the classic grapefruit and tonic tradition while keeping the calories in check.

Kim’s unwavering dedication and unmatched expertise drive Pomton forward. His sharp eye for emerging trends ensures our continuous innovation in this sparkling industry. With a perfect blend of experience and youthful energy, Kim unleashes his creativity while executing strategies with precision.

Pomton embarks on an exciting journey, and we’re thrilled to be on this adventure with Kim and our incredible team.

 As we celebrate his 3rth year as a Pomton soldier, we extend our gratitude for Kim’s invaluable contributions to Pomton’s success. 


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