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Watermelon 🍉 Summer High

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We are incredibly excited to announce that Pomton has a new flavor: Watermelon Fresca! This refreshing drink is a combination of two delicious flavors: watermelon and grapefruit and, like our “original “grapefruit and tonic, is based on a rich tradition that this time dates back to the 15th century.

The Aztecs, who inhabited the area that is now Mexico, were known for their journeys along the rivers of Tenochtitlán. They collected fruit along the way, crushed it with water and added ice from the Popocatépetl to make it more hydrating. This refreshing drink became known as agua fresca, meaning “fresh water.”

The popularity of agua fresca grew quickly and watermelon became the favorite because of its refreshing and sweet taste. The drink became popular not only in Mexico, but also in neighboring North American countries.

Pomton is proud to continue this refreshing tradition in Europe by adding its own twist to the classic agua fresca recipe. We have combined watermelon with grapefruit, creating a perfect balance between the sweetness of watermelon and the freshness of grapefruit. Plus, the Watermelon Fresca contains no added sugars and is low in calories, making it the perfect thirst quencher.

Enjoy your reset moment!


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18th of June. No better day to introduce you to Kim, because yes: it’s his birthday today! Kim is Pomton’s co-founder, the one that, together with Nathan, had the inspiration of turning the well-known tradition of mixing grapefruit and tonic into an innovative softdrink brand. Great idea? Yes, we agree, but if you’d ask Kim he will

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